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Network Cyber Security.

ESentry brings cyber defense to every location in your network.

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IT and workplace culture have radically changed in recent years. These changes bring:



Reduced TCO.

Better Productivity.

In addition, the ever-growing usage of IoT devices creates weak points across networks


leading to external &
internal cyber threats.

Our Solutions

Edgehawk’s ESentry brings a new solution to these network cyber security threats.

ESentry is built on the concept of D3 (Disaggregated, Distributed Defense)
Our Products

ESentry software includes 2 key components

The ESentry-D

An out-of-band distributed unit that automatically deploys on any possible environment.

The ESentry-D anomaly detection engine detects
and mitigates attacks within seconds.
It can also be used to set and enforce security policies related to the specific workload it is protecting.

The ESentry-C

A central control unit that manages all deployed ESentry-D units.

It can also set policies, get a real-time network status, and more.

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Internet Exchange - Peering

After two decades, the old DDoS defense scrubbing centers have about run their course.

The ever-growing demand for new broadband services requires fresh thinking on DDoS defense, scalability, and cost.

Edgehawk is changing the economics & scalability of DDoS defense.

Our ESentry Disaggregated & Distributed network cyber security product integrates with any internet exchange router. Therefore delivering an accurate and clear view of threats and automatically mitigates them in seconds.

5G Networks

5G networks are more than extra bandwidth. 5G now creates new B2B use cases for multiple verticals from retail to healthcare.

This also signals a technological shift into cloud-native architecture, moving from RAN to CORE.

ESentry software can be distributed with every node of the 5G RAN and CORE elements. 

All the while looking out for cyberattacks from IoT devices and malfunctioning network elements on both user and signaling planes.

ESentry Technology

highly distributed, with central control
Edgehawk’s patented solution technology is designed to be distributed wherever possible.
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The ESentry product includes 2 main components:
The ESentry-D (The distributed unit) and
The ESentry-C (The Central Control Unit).

Together these elements create an orchestrated cyber security solution. ESentry can detect and defend against the smallest threats. From ICMP and port scanning, to misuse of API’s, and detecting the use of stolen credentials, ESentry is comprehensive network cyber defense solution.

Advanced Machine Learning
Edgehawk’s Patented anomaly detection algorithm is based on fast, unsupervised machine learning.
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Other solutions are based on temporal information gathering. However, Egdehawk algorithms are built to take advantage
of spatial and near real-time comparison.
This allows ESentry to be fully operational
in minutes.

All Edgehawk software is cloud-native from the ground up.
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We built ESentry as a collection of clusters of containers, easily deployed and migrated into any environment.

Out of Band Technology
It is crucial not to be an inline element when deploying network cyber security solutions.
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In line elements consume lots of HW resources, add latency, and additional weak points in your network. Therefore, ESentry products use OS kernels or routers with native capabilities to collect detailed information, deploy mitigation and security policies.

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